Things to do when it rains on holiday
A woman and a child in a river when it is raining, shielding the rain with a leaf by Jet Set with Jas

Picture this – you’ve been counting down the months, excitedly awaiting your trip to an idyllic tropical paradise but when you arrive it’s errr… raining?! For real??!! Yep, I’m afraid so. Once you’ve had a moment to compose yourself and the profanities are no longer exploding out of your mouth, what’s your game plan? Having […]

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How to get access to airport lounges
Flight board in an airport by Jet Set with Jas

Airport lounges are a somewhat luxurious haven offering travellers comfortable seating, a selection of complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, complimentary snacks and meals, dedicated bathroom facilities (in some cases also including showers), complimentary newspapers and magazines, and for some classes they even include chauffer and complimentary spa services! Sounds awesome, right? So, how to you […]

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The ultimate destinations for a memorable hen do
Jet Set with Jas

Having just returned from our final trip to Italy to plan our destination wedding, and with my own hen do fast approaching, I’ve got the ultimate destinations for a memorable hen do on my mind. I’m sure my bridesmaids will agree, it can be quite a lot of pressure choosing the perfect destination to celebrate your […]

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Is Tulum an accurate portrayal of Mexico or just another resort town?

We flew to Los Cabos in December to attend a good friend’s wedding. Driving to our hotel and home for the next four days, I soon realised that the initial desert views from the car window would be the closest thing to experiencing authentic Mexico that we would get on this trip. So, when we […]

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