7 Amazing places in Verona to see the sunset
Views from Castel San Pietro out over the city of Verona as the sun sets by Jet Set with Jas

What could be more romantic than watching the sunset in the City of Love, my fair Verona? After my recent trip to the stunning medieval town, the setting of Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, I can assure you, that there is absolutely nothing more romantic! Try one of these 7 Amazing places in Verona […]

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London staycation – what to do in North London
Couples sitting on Primrose Hill, looking out over the views of London by Jet Set with Jas

Continuing my London staycation guide, this week we head to North London to see what’s hot. There’s actually a little bit of friendly rivalry between North and South London, but to be honest, I think they both have their merits. North of the river, you’ll find a cool cosmopolitan vibe with an array of vibrant […]

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