When a project at work came up that required a planner to go to Copenhagen to manage an event I was right in there with “me, me, oh, pick me!” I actually don’t know that many people who have visited Copenhagen, so I really didn’t know what to expect. But I had heard about was the city’s culinary prowess, delightful colourful houses along the harbour, and the friendly people who were amongst the happiest in the world. I needed to do some exploring!

The colourful city is alive with creative energy with many modern galleries, and hipsters with cool their cool iconic Scandi style are in abundance. I loved the outdoor lifestyle ethos and was envious of the locals who were out and about cycling, kayaking and swimming in the pristine waterways underneath the warmth of the long Nordic summer sun (note to self: I really must be more active!). I’ve rounded up the highlights of our trip in this week’s vlog, I hope you enjoy them.

And next week I will be sharing our detailed Copenhagen itinerary. So make sure you check it out for traditional and not so traditional tourist sites, and well as some absolutely delicious gastronomic recommendations 🙂

Until next time, safe travels.

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