Mykonos is without a doubt one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. With its iconic white-washed walls, cobblestoned alleys, blue-domed churches, and turquoise bays; there is no shortage of Instagram inspiration. Here are my favourite 9 Incredible Instagram locations in Mykonos.

  1. The winding alleys of Mykonos Old Town

In Mykonos Town you will find a maze of gorgeous cobble stoned streets that twist and turn in every direction, taking you deeper into the heart of the pretty town. Along the way, you will pass charming boutiques and inviting restaurants that will be sure to tempt.

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  1. Windmills a-plenty

Windmills are the first thing you spy on the horizon as you come into the harbour. There are 16 in Mykonos in total. On the edge of town overlooking Little Venice, is Kato Milli, where five windmills stand tall and proud. The majority of them were built by the Venetians in the 16th century and were primarily used to mill wheat. Whist well worth checking out Kato Milli, they are a little bit run down and you will find many tourists, and sadly quite a lot of litter. By all means, check them out, but I thought Boni’s Windmill located on a hilltop overlooking the port below, offered a more intimate experience and made for some awesome Insta pics.

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  1. Mykonos Town Harbour

This is a very picturesque part of Mykonos complete with little bobbing fishing boats and lively fisherman sitting at the water’s edge. The sea, bejewelled, twinkles under the warmth of the sun, and the charming town with its winding streets and hilltops sits overlooking the harbour.  Grab yourself an ice-cream and sit by the seaside whilst taking the views in.

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  1. Little Venice

Now, I have never been to Venice, but this is exactly as I imagine it would look like – charming old houses perch precariously on the edge of the sea. It is one of the premier places to catch the sunset on the island. There is an abundance of bustling restaurants and bars that overlook the sea for you to choose from. Head to the stretch of beach in front of Kato Milli for the best shots of the colourful houses of Little Venice jutting out over the water. I did find it pretty hard though, to avoid the “sea slugs”, aka, cruise liners.

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  1. Agios Sostis Beach

Hire yourself a quad bike for the day and head out to Agios Sostis Beach to have the most delicious lunch at Kiki’s Tavern. This charming restaurant, owned by a local for the last 35-odd years, welcomes guests in the know seven days a week between 12 pm – 6 pm. Arrive by 11.00/ 11.30 am to secure one of the first tables of the day. Advanced reservations are not possible. Whilst you are waiting you can sip on the complimentary wine and take turns with your friends heading down to the bay below for a refreshing dip. The time will pass quickly and you’ll be so pleased you did it when you are relaxing under the trees, sipping on rosé and enjoy the tasty Mediterranean BBQ. After lunch, spend the rest of your afternoon on the secluded bay of Agios Sostis Beach. It is the clearest, most beautiful beach that I have ever seen. This was by far the highlight of Mykonos for me.

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  1. Church of Agia Kyriaki

There is no shortage of gorgeous churches in Mykonos. In fact, you’ll find 600 – 800 monasteries and small chapels on the island. That works out to be one per local family who lives there! Lots of people trying to get an awesome Insta shot stop by the Church of Panachrantou. Whilst it is lovely, I found it to be overcrowded with tourists making it near impossible to get a people free image. There is no foreground at the front of the church making it hard to shoot (it also smells of urine, clearly a popular spot in the wee hours of the morning after the clubs and bars close). Head further into town to Agia Kyriaki Square for the Church of Agia Kyriaki. Nestled amongst a selection of cute boutiques you will find the tall whitewashed walls with red domed rooftop, with charming flag bunting overhead above the square. It is absolutely possible to get a great people free image in the middle of the day if you are patient.

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  1. Sunset from 180 Sunset Bar

This gem was recommended to me by another travel blogger and so glad that we went along to check it out. It is a super romantic spot for a sundown cocktail with someone special.  It is just a little further on from Boni’s Windmill, so you can pop in and visit along the way to get some great “golden hour” images of Mykonos Town bathed in warm copper light. Perched on a hilltop, overlooking the harbour and town below, is 180 Sunset Bar. It is set up like a beach club with a long open bar in the middle, and tiered levels for seating. I’d suggest arriving early (6.30 pm should be fine – you can’t book in advance), and grabbing yourself a couple of cushions (that are free), on the lower level by the DJ. I think the best views are found here. The tables were chargeable, but to be honest, I didn’t see what the attraction was. Perhaps for unlucky latecomers?

  1. Sophisticated beach club vibes from Scorpios

There are a bunch of day parties and beach clubs to choose from on the island. I like relaxed, chilled out vibes, so we headed over to Scorpios on a Saturday. As I understand it, Sunday and Tuesday are the more lively party days. We enjoyed chilled rosé in our cabana by the sea with the DJ playing some easy listening beats. You must have lunch at the restaurant – it is easily some of the most delicious food I have ever had (and pricy I might add!). Make sure you get oysters from the oysterman for a great Insta picture moment. After lunch, in the late afternoon, move from your cabana to the terrace to join inSunset Rituals(daily from 5 pm). High above the beach overlooking the Aegean Sea, you will enjoy stunning views as the sun sets, making for incredible pictures. The energy picks up and a sophisticated party erupts.

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  1. Colourful Bougainvillea’s

Synonymous with Greece is the bright purple flowers of the Bougainvillea vine. You won’t have to hunt for one for long – they are at every turn and make for the most beautiful pictures.

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I hope you enjoy your trip to this charming island and get the opportunity to check out my

9 Incredible Instagram locations in Mykonos.

Until next time, safe travels.

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