Last week was a really big week for us travel bloggers, with both the Condé Nast Luxury Travel Fair and the World Travel Market in town. Whilst out and about networking with travel industry professional, I took the opportunity to find out what the next 12 months have in store for luxury travel.

What exactly is luxury travel? Luxury used to imply the standard of accommodation and service, however, it is now also inclusive of offering holidaymakers an experience that embraces a destination’s culture and community, whilst providing an authentic and real travel experience. Time and accessibility to destinations are also considered a luxury.

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Where should I go on holiday? With so much choice, this is often a hard decision to make. Apparently, travellers nowadays are being led by feeling rather than a destination So, if you feel like an adventure you might trek the Amazonian Rainforest, or if you feel like relaxing you may check out a spa resort in Bali.

But if you’re looking for something a little more tangible, here are the top 10 destinations that travellers in the UK said they’d most like to visit in a recent poll by Stature PR.

  1. New Zealand
  2. The Galápagos Islands
  3. Iceland
  4. Canada
  5. Japan
  6. The Maldives
  7. Hawaii
  8. Vietnam
  9. Australia
  10. South Africa
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I travelled to Iceland earlier this year and highly recommend it’s breathtaking landscapes

Tip: I predict Japan will be huge over the next few years. In addition to its beautiful landscapes and rich cultural heritage, next year will mark the Season of Culture between the UK and Japan. Ahead of the lead up to the Rugby World Cup in 2019 and the Tokyo Olympic Summer Games 2020, a series of cultural activities will be held in both Japan and the UK to promote the UK as an attractive destination in which to invest, study and to travel to, whilst developing relationships between both countries through the arts and creative industries.

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As an Aussie, I am a huge ambassador of my home and highly recommend visiting. We have it all Down Under, from culinary delights to world-class wine, to beautiful golden beaches, lush rainforests and the outback. There is no other place like it in the world.

If you’re looking for bang for your buck head to South Africa. The Rand has devalued versus Stirling over the last six months. BA monopolise the direct flight routes from the UK, and they may initially seem pricey, but you will get absolutely get value for money once on the ground out there.

What kind of holiday is popular? We are now fitter and healthier than we have ever been before. As such, industry experts have seen a rise in the number of tourists requesting off the beaten track experiencesExperience is the new luxury. People want to experience the locality of where they are exploring and want to immerse themselves in culture to create lasting memories. Think of indigenous travel, storm watching on a secluded beach or even hele-glamping over traditional luxury travel.

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We love active holidays. This was me hiking Table Mountain, South Africa.

Wellbeing tourism is on the up too. This is more than spa treatments; holidaymakers are choosing trips that will improve physical and mental wellbeing and opting for yoga retreats, sporting activities and mindfulness camps.

Many of us work in stressful jobs and often lust for an opportunity to switch off and disengage entirely. Remote luxury is becoming increasingly popular. How about a yurt in Mongolia with your breakfast delivered by horseback, with no one around for miles?

Tourists are looking to get the most out of their holidays and have an appetite for multi-destination trips. Luxury road trips, train travel and even cruises that take in more than one location are on the rise.

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Anything else? Closer to home experts are predicting that Slovenia, Montenegro, Iceland, Russia and even Georgia will be popular luxury travel destinations in 2019. But think of new and exciting parts of these countries that haven’t yet been explored, not the usual tourist hotspots.

Wilderness will be big in 2019, as we continue to strive to be fit and healthy, with European mountainous regions attracting this new breed of tourist in droves.

It looks like 2019 holds an exciting year ahead for luxury travel. I’ve already booked in my first trip of the year and am looking forward to heading to Mexico to discover ancient Mayan Ruins, do yoga on the beach at sunrise and cook a traditional feast with a very talented local chef. What amazing adventures do you have planned?

Until next time, safe travels.

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