Picture this – you’ve been counting down the months, excitedly awaiting your trip to an idyllic tropical paradise but when you arrive it’s errr… raining?! For real??!! Yep, I’m afraid so. Once you’ve had a moment to compose yourself and the profanities are no longer exploding out of your mouth, what’s your game plan? Having been on a few of these trips myself, I’ve got some great suggestions to help you pass the hours away until the weather clears up and the sun comes out to play again. Try these things to do when it rains on holiday.

1. Couple time

If you’re travelling with a loved one, why not escape to your room for a little bit of alone time. Is there anything more romantic than getting cosy beneath the warm sheets whilst listening to the rain softly fall outside?

Treat yourselves and order in a massive room service feast, complete with a bottle of champagne. Than run yourselves a nice warm bubble bath to unwind.

You can also take turns giving each other relaxing massages too. And, if it’s still raining out, you can always check out one of the great films on offer in your room.

Couple in hotel bed gazing at each other whilst sipping a warm cup of coffee by Jet Set with Jas
Image: Jeremy Banks

2. Shopping

Fortunately for you, it’s possible to shop rain, hail or shine! Your hotel’s concierge will be able to point you in the right direction of the best indoor shopping options closest to you and help you with transfers to and from. Make sure you ask for a brolly too, so that you don’t get wet dashing from the taxi to the shopping centre.

3. Leisurely lunch

This is one of my fave things to do when the weather turns. Pull up a chair window side so you can see the rain falling out, and settle in with a delicious bottle of wine and enjoy an afternoon with some delicious food and great conversation. The rain will have cleared up before you know it!

Several big bowls of pasts on a restaurant table with two glasses of red wine by Jet Set with Jas
Image: Brooke Lark

4. Me time

Why not head to your hotel’s spa and let them show you some TLC? Indulge in a luxurious relaxing body wrap, or how about a facial? Or go with your travel companion and enjoy the facilities such as the steam room or sauna. It will be the most amazingly blissful day. You might even say the bad weather was a blessing in disguise!

Things to do when it rains on holiday

5. Read a book

You don’t need it to be sunny out to enjoy a great book. Find yourself a nice comfy chair or hammock to cosy up in and get stuck into your juicy holiday read. And there’s nothing to stop you from ordering some of those kitsch poolside cocktails you would have been having had the weather been better. Mai tai anyone?

6. Hot tub

Guess what, it doesn’t matter if it’s raining if you’re in the hot tub! It’s always warm! When we were in Cabo recently and it decided to rain, we made for the resort hot tub with our rum punch and had the best afternoon.

Attractive women wearing a bikini in a hot tub by Jet Set with Jas
Image: paje victoria

7. Drinking games

It was fun at uni, and it’s still fun now! Time and place, of course. Make some new friends at the hotel bar and get the games started. You’ll have the most entertaining day, of that I can assure you!

8. Arts and culture

And if drinking games aren’t your style, why not suss out cultural pursuits such as galleries or museums? They are indoors more often than not and will show you a totally different perspective of your holiday destination of choice.

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Remember, bad weather is only a temporary situation. Don’t let it put a complete dampener on your vacation. I hope these things to do when it rains on holiday, keep you entertained if bad weather comes your way. And, I hope the sunshine doesn’t keep you waiting too long until it returns.

Until next time, safe travels.

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