I first met my very stylish and fabulous friend Court when we were both still modelling. I think it must have been 2001 (I hear you thinking, I couldn’t possibly be that old!); we were in Singapore for Fashion Week and rooming together in the model house. Since then our international friendship has gone from strength to strength and I’m am proud to call Miss Court one of my very best mates. No longer a model, she has hung up her heels to trade them in for her wings. Below I catch up with her on the in’s and out’s of the life of an air hostess and get her best travel tips.

Court now flies for one of Australia’s premier airlines. When she retired from her modelling career, she found she was at a crossroads. “My sister was a flight attendant and I thought, well I could fly for two years while I find my passion.” Almost 11 years on, and she is still loving flying and has worked her way through the ranks from a Domestic Flight Attendant based in Perth, to become an A380 Customer Service Supervisor based in Sydney, flying to a range of exotic destinations abroad.

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Promoting the airline in Dubai with John Travolta

I asked Court, what were the working hours of a hostie like and were there any perks or downers associated with the job.

“I do around 200 – 220 duty hours every 56 days, which is usually six to seven international trips a roster. I absolutely love the lifestyle. Having maximum time off between trips is a bonus, I sometimes get a week or more off, but I make do make up for it on other occasions when I only get a few days off between trips. Also, the people I fly with are so much fun, they make 17 hours on a plane bearable. Downsides: missing out on events because I usually work weekends, birthdays, Christmas, etc. And I can only plan my life two months in advance once I get my roster.”

Getting straight into the nitty-gritty, I asked what you’ve always wanted to know! Have you ever caught anyone trying to join the mile-high club?

“I haven’t, but it definitely happens.”

So what would happen if someone were to get caught in the act? Not me of course?

“Technically nothing major. You could probably expect a stern talking to from the crew, that’s if they can look you in the eye! I don’t get it though. Why would you want to? It’s a small smelly loo.”

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Has anyone ever been escorted off your flight?

“None of mine, but we never accept customers who are unwell and not cleared by medical professionals or people who are abusive to crew or others, to avoid having to have people escorted off flights.”

Has anyone ever been taken ill or passed away onboard any of your flights?

“Thankfully, no one has ever passed away on one of my flights, but customers get sick onboard all the time. We assess them, and then get expert advice from medical professionals on the ground or onboard and treat them as required. When we land on the ground we are then met by medical professionals who take over and care for the customer if required. They are always in good hands!”

Cabin crew always look so glam. How do they do it on the job?

“Touch up before touch down!”

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Flying can be really hard going on the body. How do you take care of your skin when frequently flying?

“You definitely need to keep up the H20 intake. I also exercise regularly and eat healthily. It’s really basic stuff, but it helps! I’m also starting to get into peels and cosmetic (non-surgical) treatments to ensure my skin is glowing. I’ve done hydrating facials, lactic acid peels and Omnilux treatments; they’re are amazing. I think hydrating facials and lactic acid peels are the best.”

So, what’s the average day in the life of a hostie really look like?

“I usually prep a day before my flight, and look at any service or safety updates. I’ll pack and steam my uniforms, so the day I leave there’s nothing to do but get dressed and out the door. On the day of the flight, I get to the base early to liaise with the manager and get our crew briefing ready. Then once we land at our destination, I will get a few hours of sleep in. If I’m in the States I stay on Sydney time, so sleep all day and up all night, usually watching Netflix. With only 32 hours in the port, it’s easier for my recovery at home to stay on Sydney time.”

Where is the most amazing place you have ever been on holiday to?

“Every place I’ve been to has its good and bad qualities. I visited Kefalonia, Greece in 2016 and it was stunning. Not overrun by tourists. The food was great, and the beaches were breathtaking.”

Where makes your travel bucket list?

“I’d love to sail the Mediterranean with my man. We will try it later on in the year, sailing around Lefkada, Greece. “
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Being a travel guru always on the go, what are your top travel tips?

“On the flight: take a reusable water bottle and refill it throughout the flight. Use a face mask to keep hydrated instead of hydrating mists. And get up out of your seat and do a few DVT exercises. And don’t be afraid to press the call bell if you need something. It’s ok!

And when you get to your destination: make sure you study a map before you set off. A good sense of direction is important to getting the most out of your day. Find a few good cafes/ restaurants online before you arrive to avoid wasting time wondering where to eat when you get there. And take a backup portable PED charger. Not being able to load a map or take pics because your phone is dead is the worst!”

And what about airport travel tips?

“Hmmm, don’t dress for an upgrade, dress for comfort. These days it’s all point upgrades. No one gets business class just because they ask and are well dressed.

If you aren’t an airline lounge member, check the airport you are going to. It may have a lounge your credit card will give you access to.

What else…use Seat Guru to work out the best place to sit on the plane.

Also, make sure you listen for boarding announcements. Check the gate and boarding time of your flight and don’t get confused with boarding vs. departure time. Departure time is doors closed, and the aircraft pushes back. No one wants to miss their flight!!!”

I hope you enjoyed Court’s glimpse into the glamorous life of a hostie.

Until next time, safe travels.

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