What could be more romantic than watching the sunset in the City of Love, my fair Verona? After my recent trip to the stunning medieval town, the setting of Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, I can assure you, that there is absolutely nothing more romantic! Try one of these 7 Amazing places in Verona to see the sunset.

1. Sunset at Torre dei Lamberti

The clocktower of Torre dei Lamberti in Verona by Jet Set with Jas

One of the best places to see the sunset in Verona is Torre dei Lamberti. Towering sky high, the 12th-century landmark overlooks picturesque Piazza delle Erbe.

Climb all 368 steps of the tallest tower in the city. When you finally reach the top, 84 meters up, stunning panoramic views of the city below await you. It’s the perfect place to take in a magical sunset.

2. Sunset at Castel San Pietro

Overlooking the Adige River at Castel San Pietro peached on top of Saint Peter’s Hill in Verona by Jet Set with Jas

Castel San Pietro is arguably the best location in all of Verona to see the sunset. On the banks of the Adige River, a Visconti castle once stood on Saint Peter’s Hill in a strategic position, casting a watchful eye over the city. This historic monument can be traced back to the Iron Age, predating the Romans.

During the 1stcentury BC, a scared temple was erected on the banks of the river, and subsequently, the city was built around it on the opposite bank. And, during the Middle Ages, the castle became a defensive fortress, although, it was destroyed by the Napoleonic army in 1801. Reconstruction took place between 1852 -1858, and today Castel San Pietro is home to the Austrian barracks.

A steep winding path is located next to Ponte Pietra by Teatro Romano. Despite its steepness, there are plenty of places to take a break to catch your breath along the way. And most stops have incredible views! But there is also a funicular if you don’t fancy the walk.

The best places to view the sunset at Castel San Pietro

Two glasses of Aperol Spritz on a table with some crips, with sunset views in Verona by Jet Set with Jas
Re Teodorico is the perfect place to stop for an aperitivo

There are several places to take in the views of the sunsetting at Castel San Pietro. Re Teodorico is a sophisticated bar and restaurant, found halfway up the hill. It’s the perfect place to stop and have a well-deserved Aperol Spritz out on the deck, listening to Ibiza style beats as the sun dips low behind the mountains.

Girl sitting on a bricked wall looking out over the city of Verona as the sun sets by Jet Set with Jas
Punto Panoramico Castel San Pietro

Further along the footpath, is the Punto Panoramico Castel San Pietro, with breathtaking views out of the city below. It’s another great spot to take in the warm golden glow of the sun setting.

The view from a lookout located at Castel San Pietro as the sun sets behind the mountains in Verona by Jet Set with Jas
Another lookout past the barracks

And if you make your way right to the top of the hill, and walk past the barracks, a small crowd gathers overlooking Parco Scalone, admiring the views.

3. Sunset Teatro Romano

Looking down at Teatro Romano on the bank of the Adige River in Verona by Jet Set with Jas
Image: Easy Apartments

If you don’t fancy the climb up to Castel San Pietro, try the Teatro Romano found at the bottom of the hill, right by the stairs to the castle, which offers equally amazing views of the sunset.

The theatre was built by the Romans during the 1st century BC.  Today, all that remains of the once magnificent edifice are the recovered remains from around 1830 including the cavea, the steps, several arcades of the galleries and remains of the stage.

It’s a great place to take a nice cool crisp bottle of wine with you and listen to the river gurgling as the sun sets on another splendid evening in the City of Love.

4. Sunset at Terrazza Bar al Ponte

Terrace bar overlooking the Adige River by Jet Set with Jas
Image: Terrazza Bar al Ponte

Alternatively, cross over Ponte Pietra and stroll along the river to Terrazza Bar al Ponte to enjoy a refreshing aperitivo beside the Adige River. From the shaded deck, you have the most amazing views of Castel San Pietro, San Giorgio in Braida, Ponte Pietra and of course the sun as it sets behind the Garda Mountains, making it another amazing places to see the sunset in Verona.

5. Sunset at Castelvecchio Bridge

Castelvecchio Bridge with pentagonal towers in Verona by Jet Set with Jas

Right by the picturesque Castelvecchio Museum, a former castle, you will find the stately Castelvecchio Bridge. The design and engineering of which were quite forward-thinking for its time when it was constructed most likely between 1354-1356. Made of red brick and white marble, the bridges arches have three spans of decreasing length between the pillars of the pentagonal towers and the left bank. The largest arch is 48 meters and at the time of construction, was the world’s largest bridge arch.

With wondrous views of the Old Castle, that became one of the most important military strongholds to the Scaliger dynasty during the Middle Ages, this is a magical place to watch the sunset. Peep through the wall of the bridge and behold the river views as the sunsets.

6. Sunset at Hotel Milano & Spa

Hotel rooftop bar with hotter overlooking Arena di Verona by Jet Set with Jas
Image: Hotel Milano & Spa

There really is not shoratage of amazing places to see the sunset in Verona. One of the city’s best-kept secrets is the roof terrace of Hotel Milano & Spa. Gaze out over the busy city streets below and the Arena di Verona, admiring the most amazing sunset alongside a refreshing cocktail or two! It is conveniently located right in the heart of Verona, making it the perfect spot to check out the sunset after a busy day of talking in the sites.

7. Sunset at Palazzo Giardino Giusti

Perfectly manicured gardens and petit labyrinth with stately home in the background by Jet Set with Jas
Image: Saba Italia SpA

Finally, east of the city centre by Piazza Isolo, is the beautiful Palazzo Giardino Giusti. The estate’s manicured gardens are a Renaissance masterpiece. Ledged has it that lovers who find one another in the garden’s labyrinth will be bound together forever.

Head to the belvedere (lookout), via the back of the gardens, for magnificent tranquil views of the dusk as the sun sinks low. This encanting spot is without a doubt one of the most amazing places in Verona to  watch the sunset with your loved one.

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Until next time, safe travels.

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