Do you ever have that moment on Sunday evening, when you dread the thought of another week ahead at work? Has sitting in a generic cubical, banter with your colleagues about what you did last night, and a role which isn’t progressing anywhere lost its appeal? That was the position I found myself in towards the end of last year.

In was a chilly autumnal day, following my mid-year review, when I knew things could not go on as they were. I had put everything into my role and was feeling totally flat and undervalued. It was hard to keep riding it out and overdelivering when nothing was given in return. As I wailed to Si over the phone, he put it out there – “Just leave”. Just leave…but how?

The concept was utterly terrifying. Throw in my 12-year illustrious career as a Corporate Event Manager in the City? People would kill to have worked for half of the companies I had. I was paid well and I got to travel, surely no one would want to leave a glamorous role like that? But I did, it turns out money isn’t everything. After being treated like the help often by stakeholders, experiencing bad management all too frequently, not being recognised for going above and beyond in your role, and having limited career progression opportunities had pushed me to the brink. I know I’m not alone in feeling that way about my career. So, there I was, well paid, feeling trapped, and scared to take a leap of faith.

Jet Set with Jas
I sure will miss the awesome people I worked with along the way but look forward to what comes next

You know when someone says, you can be anything you want to be? I always used to think, nice one genius, what about the bills! Unfortunately, this remains a contributing factor into the feasibility of leaving any job  I knew that if I left my corporate job, I could always go back to it if I felt like I had made a terrible mistake, so suddenly the risk seemed minimal and it was in that was the moment I decided to give freedom a chance.

What next? As you know, travelling the world and experiencing new cultures is totally my jam. As such, I have decided to push the boat out and see how much I can develop this platform. I love writing and am hoping to combine it with my passion for travelling, and pursue freelance writing opportunities and work with exciting brands. I’m looking forward to sharing my upcoming adventures with you.

Jet Set with Jas

Some of you will also know that I worked in the fashion industry as an international model for many years before I became an Event Manager. Like the Spice Girls, after many years of retirement, I have decided to try my luck and see if I can sparkle once more as a mature age model. Lolllll – apparently once you turn 35, you’re over the hill in the fashion industry. I’ve only ever been a young, high fashion model. Being an old girl, classic modelling is going to be a whole new experience for me. Let’s hope I can get an agent and don’t stumble at the first hurdle! I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how I get on over the coming weeks.

Jet Set with Jas
Returning to my roots as a model, only this time I’ll be “old”!

I’ve also reengaged with my old agency contacts in Asia, where I used to place models on contract, having scouted them in Europe. So, you’ll see, that 2019 really is shaping up to be an exciting year for me! As one door closes, another opens– I really think this saying is very true. Some days I wake up and think, what the hell am I doing. But mostly, I am confident with my decision and excited to see what’s going to happen next.

Until next time, safe travels.

Jet Set with Jas




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